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Owning a budgie is a delightful experience as these parrots have wonderful dispositions. Their playful personalities will add delight into any somber room and watching their antics is comical. It is no wonder experienced bird owners continue to prize their pet budgies as they truly enjoy the company of human companionship if tamed and well socialized.

Because budgies are so abundant and easily bred in captivity they are found in almost all pet shops. For this reason, they are reasonably priced and are often the first bird purchased before an owner chooses to acquire a larger bird. Owning these tiny parrots has a great deal of benefits compared to their lager cousins such as they are not as loud, not as messy, and come in hundreds of colors. Finding the right color is not difficult and new mutations are constantly being bred and introduced into the pet industry.

Budgies have been kept in captivity for hundreds of years and are the most domesticated of all parrot species available today. This continuous breeding in captivity has made them the perfect pet.

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