Keeping Parrots

  • lorikeet

Parrots have captivated man since the great ancient civilizations. Their grandeur, their charming personalities, and their vocal abilities have made them quite popular.  In the wild, there is nothing more magnificent than observing wild flocks of parrots congregating. Their social structures, their display of affection, and their boisterous personalities are downright captivating.   But what exactly is a parrot? Simply put, parrots are birds that share characteristics such as colorful plumage, hooked beaks, and two toes facing forward and two toes facing backwards.

There are many bird species; however, there are roughly over 350 species of parrots throughout the world. These birds come in all sizes from the small fig parrot and budgie, all the way to the larger species such as the macaws or cockatoos.

That being said, is a site dedicated to bringing bird enthusiasts up-to-date information on parrot keeping. We strive to bring the most current information about pet parrots to ensure these birds live a happy and healthy life in your home. It’s no secret that these creatures are complex, intelligent, emotional, and complicated beings.   We hope this site will give you a guided path should you run into problems with your parrot such as feather plucking, excessive screaming, or bird training.

Also, if you’re doing research about parrot species in general, or looking to start breeding, then you’ve stumbled upon the right site.

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