Why is my budgie sneezing?

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Budgie / Parakeet sneezing?

Many times, while an owner is doing household chores or watching their budgie they will hear tiny sneezes coming from their birds. A bird will usually sneeze one or two times, ruffle their feathers, and just as quickly shift their feathers back into position. This behavior is normal and all budgies sneeze. Environments that can cause a budgie to sneeze are: dusty rooms, excessive lint in the air, or dander from their own feathers. All these fine particles can irritate a bird’s nose, and just like humans, their respiratory system reacts to these foreign particles by trying to discharge them through sneezing.

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Though sneezing is relatively common in pet budgies, there are some signs the owner should look for to ensure their bird is not just sick. If the budgie has infected eyes or displays a runny nose, the bird should be taken to the veterinarian immediately as it might have some sort of respiratory infection. The veterinarian will diagnose the bird and perhaps flush its respiratory airways and prescribe an antibiotic.

Opening a window or installing some type of air filtration system will sometimes help to keep the budgie from sneezing. All filters should be changed according to the directions given by the manufacture; usually should be done every few weeks. Keeping the air as clean as possible will help to minimize sneezing in your pet budgie and will provide a longer and healthier life for the bird.

It is also important to ensure the budgie is protected from drafts as this might contribute to the birds excessive sneezing. Placing the bird too close to a window or by an airy walkway with fast-moving air can also irritate the budgie’s sinuses. Ensuring that a well-placed cover is in place, will shield the bird from unnecessary drafts during the day and night. This is highly recommended. It is also important the bird not be around chemicals as this can contribute to their sneezing as well. Things such as air fresheners, scented candles, and carpet deodorants should be avoided when the bird is present.

It’s important to remember that all budgies were designed to be outside and continually exposed to fresh air. Today, however, many budgies are kept in cages and in an owner’s home with minimal amounts of exposure to fresh air. It is this environment that sometimes causes budgies to become more sensitive and eventually begin to develop more respiratory ailments.

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