Why does my budgie hang upside down?

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Hanging Upside Down

Probably one of the most humorous things about owning a budgie is watching their curious and entertaining behavior. These birds are part of the parrot species and just like all parrots they behave in the same manner as their larger cousins. In fact, these birds enjoy climbing about their cages and often times can be seen looking more like bats rather than budgies. If bird swings are provided or ropes are suspended from within their cage, many budgies will sometimes hang upside down and delight in viewing the world from a different perspective. Some budgies enjoy hanging upside down so much that many will sleep in this peculiar position as well.

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This sleeping position might seem uncomfortable for us humans but in reality it is beneficial for the budgie and quite comfortable for them. Because these birds are preyed upon in the wild, many budgies will roost in high locations that are hidden. In the wild, this upside-down position is an instinct that helps to ensure their safety from ground predators. For this reason, many budgies are hardwired to seek higher locations inside their cages before bedtime. This constant need to be elevated and be more discrete is perhaps the main cause of why so many budgies continue to hold on to this opossums like hanging behavior during their nighttime roosting. It is just simply a survival mode behavior.

If an owner discovers they have a budgie that enjoys being upside down, the owner need not worry as there is nothing wrong with the bird. The cage should be gently covered and the budgie should be left alone to sleep. In the morning, the bird will awake and return to its normal perch.

As mentioned above, budgies will also hang upside down while they are playing. Many budgies enjoy climbing up and down their toys and can
often be seen perching in a strange position. A dangling rope can bring out the Tarzan in any parrot. In the wild, budgies play with their flock mates and have all kinds of branches and twigs to swing from. Providing various perches and toys for a captive bird, will allow the parrots to display this entertaining behavior; thereby, delighting an owner.

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